Brenda Wardle Covering the Pistorius Trial

Brenda Wardle is one of the most important journalists in South Africa. She has covered numerous cases throughout the country and is also holds many of the highest credentials available within the nation, so this allows her to follow important cases, trials and political issues. With the trial of Oscar Pistorius, Brenda Wardle proved to […]

Anthony Petrello CEO Of Nabor Industries

Not many will understand how much the Gulf Coast was affected by Hurricane Harvey more than those who live there. Anthony Petrello who is Chief Executive Officer of Nabor Industries saw the full scope of the devastation and took action when the storm dissipated to restore the areas in Houston, Texas back to the way […]

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Working in healthcare can be a very rewarding career. Sussex Healthcare understands what it takes to deliver exceptional healthcare every day of the year. Come join the elite team that makes up the staff of Sussex Healthcare. With a quarter of a century experience in this field of work, Sussex Healthcare has proven that providing […]