The Key To Success In Real Estate

Vince Leisey wrote an article for RISMedia that detailed the importance that real estate agent coaching has on the overall culture of the company. One of Leisey’s primary points is that the agents that receive coaching and the benefit of the improved culture will out produce agents without coaching every time.

It is human nature that when an agent tries to focus on accomplishing too much at once it causes frustration and may cause failure.

Like a lot of coaches Leisey is a proponent of mastermind groups. There is no question that when like minded people collaborate it can boost the success of all parties. In Leisey’s example he talks about mastermind groups composed of 12 people in which each person has a partner to facilitate accountability. This helps agents create bonds and teaches them the importance and power of team work. The teamwork element has the ancillary benefit of creating a culture of support among colleagues.

The coaching, accountability, and cultural benefits do not happen naturally within an organization. These business components need to be introduced and then nourished. Companies such as Real Estate Mavericks can be hugely beneficial in creating a system of coaching that will ultimately have positive effects companywide.

Real Estate Mavericks is the leading coaching and culture development company for real estate agents in the Nation. Real Estate Mavericks was developed by Greg Hague as a way to reach far more agents than is possible through his live presentations alone. Greg is one of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever and his passion has been engrained in the Mavericks process. Hague not only scored the top possible position on the attorney bar exam, but he was the top realtor in America for over 25 years. He became the top realtor in his state after 24 months in real estate. He is considered by many to be the go to guy for real estate expertise having been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on NPR.

After teaching over ten thousand of the Nation’s top realtors; Hague recognized that the power of a coach and mentor is an irreplaceable ingredient necessary for massive success. The importance of being able to model your behaviors after those who have paved the way is one of the powerful components of Mavericks training. Real Estate Mavericks offers video course training and mentoring from the best in the business.

Culture and coaching combined create the winning formula, and one does not work without the other. If you want agents working and thriving in a positive environment then you need to create it. For more information on Leisey’s article you can read it at

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  1. One-on-one coaching trains agents to focus on three business building strategies at a time. The individual coaching also helps to teach agents to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to focus primarily on their strengths. I would like to say that legit way of doing things has proved why they are successful.

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