The Development of Town Residential

The NY Times has reported that sales and demand in Manhattan have been skyrocketing as more and more people are looking towards New York City for luxurious real estate. By the end of 2015, the prices and demand for New York City real estate have broken records and have plans to continue breaking records. Real estate in Manhattan has demanded higher prices for deals such as condominiums as well as co-op apartments. Billionaires now have made deals with the Midtown skyscraper with deals such as the closing for a 100.7 million dollar penthouse.

With Manhattan in high demand, other areas are now looking more and more desirable. Places such as Brooklyn have posted some expensive sales especially in neighborhoods such as Cobble Hill. 2016 is foreseen to break the impossible record that 2015 has already broken in real estate deals and sales. As of now, there are currently around 118 contracts that are under contract at 220 Central Park South which is a 65-story building that is full of luxurious and heavily priced apartments.

With the market in New York City selling quickly, real estate brokers as well as market observers have a prediction that sales prices will skyrocket to unbelievable sales prices. Currently unsold properties in regions include unsold units in Greenwhich Village. The luxury market will continue to surpass what it is now as there is constant wealth in New York City that will never turn town a townhouse, a condo, or a luxurious apartment.

With real estate continuing to grow, new real estate firms that specialize in luxurious apartments are rising in this competitive market. One real estate firm called Town Residential has been surpassing the other real estate firms. Town Residential NYC Real estate was founded in 2010 by the Current CEO, Andrew Heiberger with the intent to provide an unique experience in customer service to each individual client.

Town Residential is a new company that has already surpassed other companies in sales. What makes this company so unique is the fact that the experts who work for Town Residential have created a unique and individualized experience for their clients. Every apartment, condo, or co-op apartment has been chosen to fit directly with the client’s requirements.

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