Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson: Making a Profound Impact

According to PR Newswire, the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland is profoundly impacting not just the local community, but the world. PR recently reported that every semester a number of classes culminate in some ten thousand dollars in gifts which are meted out to non-profit organizations deemed worthy. PR also reports that a new dormitory was recently built at The Center, part of a new program dubbed “living and learning”. The Center caters to undergraduate and graduate students, and as the name implies has a primary focus on facilitation of cogent philanthropic skills geared at real-world application. In fact, so honed are these skills that The Center has become the favorite of the nation’s capital. D.C. recruiters often pick from the organization’s pool when hiring for non-profits. As it stands, The Center is poised to continue its growth, and both Karen and Bruce Levenson are absolutely thrilled with the prospect. The Levensons are the parties most responsible for The Center. Bruce Levenson is an owner of an NBA team, as well as being a board member, and between himself and Karen enough seed money was put together to launch The Center three years ago. The Center is a twofold win for non-profits, as not only does it train up new generations of students to help run them, it also drums up funds for them via coursework. According to Wikipedia, The Center’s had the “most profound impact” of all the Levenson’s philanthropic pursuits.

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  1. Bruce Levenson joined The Levs which are the parties most responsible for The Center. You even forgot to add that he owned a NBN. I will write on paper online to tell the whole story. This story is not all true.

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