Sergio Cortes Gives Advice on the Prevention of Dengue

On Sunday, the Health Secretary of Brazil, Dr. Sergio Cortes visited Xerem where he carried a survey on the flood-affected areas. The Dengue’s Hydration Center was established by the Brazilian government at the Xerem health Center. The center has been beneficial in serving about 300 people daily. The center was set up to help in order to help prevent the dengue Mosquito epidemic. The government is taking all necessary measures to combat the situation. Camilo Junqueira the Municipal health secretary and the coordinator of the National Health Force Conception said that the state was sending reinforcements of 3000 tablets and an extra calamity kit.
The health department is dedicated in the prevention of the spread of the disease. In most cases the disease can be spread by hepatitis A, diarrhea, contaminated water and Leptospirosis. However there have been cases where the disease has been spread through chicken pox, meningitis and after a heavy downpour. Samples that had been initially collected by the Health Surveillance Secretariat were unsatisfactory. A team was dispatched to deal with the daily disinfection of the water. The government gave out ten thousand bottles of sodium hypochlorite to help in the efforts. Those living in shelters were strongly advised to use bottled water for cooking and drinking. This information was originally reported on
Doctor Cortes has written a journal about how to prevent osteoporosis. One in three women and one in five men are affected by osteoporosis. The disease, which causes bone loss, is hard to diagnose, as it has no symptoms of pain. Women are the most affected because as they get older, their estrogen production decreases. Factors that cause weakening of the bones are eating food that lack in calcium and vitamin D besides leading a sedentary lifestyle.
The only way to diagnose the disease is through regular routine tests for people between the ages of 30 and 40. Changes in the levels of vitamin D and calcium can be noted using a blood or urine test. If the diagnosis shows that a patient has osteoporosis, he or she should be advised to take calcium supplements, engage in physical exercise and spend more time in the sun in order to help the body produce vitamin D. Sergio adds that Smokers are required to drop the habit and change their diet by introducing healthier meal options. This information was mentioned on Sergio Cortés’s Website as posited in the following link
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