Choices A Plenty for Dog Food

New age technology has brought plenty of easy ways to make food. However, there is a call for food to be wholesome and natural. This goes for dog food as well. Just as for human food, dog food buyers are demanding better ingredients, less chemicals and organic quality.

Per the Daily Herald, pet food makers are striving to provide high quality foods in both dry and wet foods. This 23.7 billion dollar industry is revitalizing how dog food buyers are looking at the actual ingredients in the process of making dog food. They are using an approach called, would you eat it? This approach means real food no artificial flavorings, no extended life chemical. Just plan food. One such dog food brand that is taking the bull by the horns is Beneful.

Beneful offers the original foods that made them a force to be reckoned with in start. Yet, they have progressed as time has gone by. Beneful by Purina now offers healthy blends that offers real chopped up ingredients such as salmon, tomatoes, and rice.

Beneful chooses daily to make not only their tried and true original foods but healthy options as well. Beneful tracks their ingredients every step of the way and ensures that they have followed FDA and USDA regulations. With a line up like Incredibites and chopped blends, there is a food product for every type of dog.

Other Choices from Beneful

•             Originals

•             Healthy Weight

•             Healthy Puppy

•             Playful Life

•             3 and 10 ounce Chopped Blends

•             Medley

•             Prepared Meals

•             Baked Delight Treats

•             Healthy Smile