Soros Advocate A Common European Union Asylum Policy

Back then the European Union was a voluntary association when it was changed from being the Soviet Union. The nature of the European Union has now changed to be a crisis dominated by forces of nationalism. The cause of the crisis being that the union was turned to being a relationship between debtor and creditors to where the creditors set conditions that the debtors have to meet and the debtors’ failure to honor their commitments. The union used to exercise principles of open society foundation that Soros was supportive of, but it has changed, it’s no longer equal or voluntary. This George Soros identifies as the reason for the crisis and the sudden migration of refugees a crisis that is not easy for the union to handle.

Born in Budapest, Soros is the world most influential, investor and philanthropist. He founded Open Society Foundation that has been supporting transparency, human rights, and democracy. The foundation runs in more than 100 countries globally and has also played par against apartheid policy in South Africa. The foundation also awards scholarships to needy students for them to pursue their education. Forbes magazine ranks Soros in the top 25 list of the highest earners of hedge fund manager. Soros also survived the Holocaust in Hungary during the 2nd world war which was against the Jews and later moved to Budapest where he lives. Up to now he thinks that Hungary is not yet open to principles of an open society.

Angela, the chancellor of Germany, closed a policy against refugees in Germany. She is being referred to being of the free world. Soros supports her in that she did what the European Union did not do; the union should have an asylum policy to target millions of refugees stranded. The influx of refugees could lead to a political crisis as most of the members take advantage of refugees to satisfy their interests. The problem he says can be manageable if the asylum policy is developed or else the crisis will be the death of European Union.

Soros admits to having turned down trumps offer to participates in his campaigns .he has also retired from his Open Society foundation but is still overlooking the activities and participating in the foundation activities with other related organization. Soros advice on the ability to look at the darker side of things; because that is what has enabled him to succeed in the investments in Europe. However, he still thinks that America should not leave the European Union despite the crisis because the union helps it in both political and economic situations. Chancellor Markel is now like the acting head of the European Union despite running on a hegemony the decision she has made is a route to solving on of the crisis in the European Union. Soros is now about age 80 years.

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  1. In many ways I think this will go well in ensuring that there is measured security benefits of the Europe border agencies to control crimes. As we can see the main ukessays review points to the fact that the citizens of the countries of Europe agree on a common sense approach that should work. But it appears that the free hand of the law is making us lose sense of reality and to make sure this crisis grinds to a halt.

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