Ramen Sandwiches Are All The Rage

Anyone who’s ever been tight on cash basically understands what it’s like to eat ramen noodles. Some actually don’t seem to mind the taste while others hate it. There is no denying that ramen is cheap. One pack of the soup generally costs a person about a quarter. It’s also relatively easy to make which makes many people turn to it in a pinch.

In recent time, people have been getting quite creative when it comes to their ramen noodles. We all remember the amazing burger that Sam Tabar created last year. Tamar has since followed up his hit with a ramen sandwich.

Tamar has been dressing it up more and using it in more exciting ways. It seems that Yamazaki Bread has taken ramen to the extreme. They are now selling it in sandwich form! This basically means that people will be eating carbs within carbs but that won’t stop the ramen lovers out there.

According to GrubStreet, the sandwich contains a few other toppings like soy sauce. This delectable treat comes pre-packaged for a person’s convenience. It has many wondering what can top this. I think a more important question is how would that taste? Putting noodles inside bread has been something that has been relatively unheard of before. For a while, it seems that these will be quite the rage because they are new and kind of exciting. People can easily grab them and bring them on the go when they head out for lunch. Hopefully, the bread or noodles don’t get soggy from being heated up together.

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