Starbucks Angers Customers With New Rewards Program

It seems that Starbucks has left many people hurt and confused since making a change to their rewards programs. Typically rewards programs are those that make people happy. Let’s face it, all consumers loved receiving free things for being loyal customers. This includes the loyal customers of Starbucks, but now some are not feeling the love.

For a while, those who made purchases at Starbucks would get points towards free items. This was done by counting how many visits a person made to Starbucks. According to GrubStreet, That’s all changing. Now Starbucks focuses its reward program on how much money a person spends. This is good news for some and terrible news for others. There are those that stop at Starbucks and place large and expensive orders. Now, legal expert Dan Newlin tells us on Avvo that a person can be happy when they are the one sent from work to grab the orders! On the other hand, Newlin points out that┬ápeople like to stop in each morning for a plain black coffee which doesn’t cost as much. They will have to try harder to earn more points for free things.

It just goes to show that companies cannot please everyone with what they do. Many people have taken to Twitter in anger about this new program. Of course, there are those happy customers who aren’t as vocal. Overall, it’s tough to say whether or not it’s a good idea. It all depends on how much a person spends and how frequently they go!

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