Soros donating to PAC for Latino vote


George Soros, and other liberals, plan to put together a $15 million campaign to court Latino voters. After Republican front runner Donald Trump repeatedly insulted the Hispanic population, Democrats feel they have an opportunity to sway them to vote for Democrats in the upcoming November election, according to a story in the New York Times.

Soros said on New York Times he would give $5 million to that campaign. The money will be used to focus on campaigns in Florida, Colorado and Nevada. All three states have large Latino populations, and there are enough to push an election one way or another, Democrats say. They hope to go after undecided voters, but also to get those who lean left already to actually go vote.

Not to be outdone, Republicans have a PAC of their own, and with $10 million given to them by the Koch Brothers, they will reach out to Latinos as well. They do have some damage to repair after Trump called Hispanic immigrants rapists and thieves. He also wants to make Mexico pay for a wall between the United States and Mexico. Trump has also used offensive language toward Muslims and wants them banned.

Soros has donated $13 million in the current election cycle. He has supported a campaign against voter restriction laws in North Carolina and other states. Soros usually focuses on less blatantly political campaigns, though still supporting many liberal causes through his Open Society Foundation. In 2004 he did help with a campaign to unseat then President George Bush, by giving millions to that cause.

Soros said Trump’s rhetoric, along with that of other Republican candidates, is a threat to both democracy as an institution and is against the nation’s best interests. He said he found such posturing offensive and he thinks there should be some consequences. He hopes voters will provide those consequences by choosing to elect Democrats this fall.

Soros is sensitive to what he feels is hate speech, and for good reason. His family, who are Jewish, had to hide from Nazi occupation in his native Hungary before and during World War II. In 1947 he went to study at the London School of Economics in England. After graduation he moved to the United States where he started an international finance company, and eventually a hedge fund management operation. That career exploded with success and he is now one of the world’s most wealthy people with a net worth of several billion.

While Republicans have infuriated many Hispanic voters, Democrats cannot count on automatic support. Many felt let down by President Obama’s inability to pass immigration overhaul legislation, and even Obama deported 2 million Latinos during the last year. Latino organizers also say in the past Democrats have not been forthcoming with donations, so they have not been able to do as much as they would like.

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