Madison Street Capital Issues Video on Capital Restructuring

For many businesses, finding capital is a source of continual frustration and problems. Businesses need money coming in the door on a constant basis. Yet, sometimes the sales grow flat or slow down just because of seasonal variations or the economy, and the boss still has to meet the payroll.
Sometimes taking on more debt is the answer, but that isn’t always easy. Traditionally, banks only loan money to businesses that can prove they don’t need it. The companies with real problems don’t get relief from traditional banking.

Many times according to a bloomberg article, especially in modern times with the economy and technological change moving quickly, capital restructuring is necessary for a business to deal with fundamental changes in the economy and marketplace. It helps businesses re-organize to be more productive and to have fewer expenses. It could involve selling off a piece of the business, for example, so the core business will be financially protected. Doing that could raise cash that helps the core business through the difficult times. Many times, businesses need to improve operational efficiency. Perhaps they have too many underperforming employees. Maybe their operations are inefficiency and can be improved. Maybe they need new equipment and processes to save time and money. It may involve changing the ownership and even the control of the business.

That’s why Madison Street Capital’s Youtube video it focuses heavily on middle-market firms seeking flexibility and effective corporate funding solutions. The firm advises companies on how to restructure themselves effectively to improve their financial outlooks.

They work with funding sources and credit providers to determine what solution will work best for their clients.

They use their expertise in valuing business assets, their relationships with funding sources and their experience with debt restructuring to work out the details that are best for their particular clients.

Therefore, they are able to help their clients through even the challenging financial circumstances.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm based in Chicago, and with offices in Africa and Asia. It was established in 2011 and is privately held. Anthony Marsala is the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Crunchbase ranked Madison Street Capital as one of the world’s premier middle-market investment banks. They provide a lot of investment advisory services for small to medium sized businesses. That includes help with merger and acquisition activity, bankruptcy, valuation of intangible assets such as goodwill and capital restructuring.

It can help raise capital for smaller firms by setting up funding sources or mezzanine funding.

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