The New Age of Wedding Planning

The cashier behind the counter is wearing a t-shirt you like. You ask where she got it and you go home to your laptop to try and find it. You try the store’s website and look through some photos, or maybe you do a google search and look in the shopping section. You are not sure if the shirt is even made anymore. Most of the time anyone in this scenario ends up frustrated, wondering why they spent so much of their time looking for a t-shirt. Thankfully with the help of Slyce this situation can end in a much more pleasant way.

Slyce has developed a new application that can visual search bar codes and pictures from your phone and bring up matching products automatically. This can save people both time and headaches. Planning any event can use products such as this to make the whole process go much smoother. For many couples their wedding is the most important day of their lives. Imagine now that they can find flowers, the dress, the tux and so much else by just taking a picture. They will be able to find out where to book and where to buy which means they can spend their valuable time on practicing their first dance.

Recently an article was written about the development of wedding planning over recent years. (Original article can be found here The author goes through the challenges he faced while planning his own wedding and also how these same situations are handled now. The wedding industry has made many advancements over the past decade or so. From the way couples set up their registry, to the websites they can use to get ready for the big day weddings are getting easier to plan everyday. Slyce is the future of wedding planning. They are taking the progress that has already been made and making it go further. This is truly an amazing time to get married.

Slyce gives its users the option to snap a picture and get results. Have the beautiful ceremony in the park and bring up the website in an instant. Find the perfect dress and where it is available in a fraction of the time it took before. Technology is making everything much easier and relieving some of the stress we used to feel. Check out Slyce today and see for yourself, you will be happy you did.

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