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“If i’m in it, i’m ALL IN. I believe that FOCUS is the king. You can get derailed every day by just LIFE, let alone too many business ventures or directions.” These are words Marc Sparks lives by. He believes to convince others of your ability a meaningful presentation is needed to sell your ideas. Take care as to what is put into your presentation, Be positive what is learned by it. Make a definite point with each visual. All entrepreneurs are short on time.

Don’t waste your opportunity. Have true and accurate data and only outline exactly what it represents. Use these numbers to drive home the story with proven research.

Grab their interest and wholeheartedly stand behind your product. Never over complicate things. You want to retain their interest. Always bring out the whole team as a sign of their pride, passion and enthusiasm.

Marc Sparks is an expert Dallas venture capitalist and has provided a very detailed question and answer guide about how to start a business and how to stay motivated. Since 1978 he has been principal in many extremely successful business ventures and some not so much. Mr. Sparks theory though is that the unsuccessful venture is likened to a class at the “World University for Entrepreneurs”. And without this experience we will not know how to fully enjoy or even what to do with our success. He believes that we face challenging and devastating circumstances so that we learn responsibility and keep us humble. The origin of our scars is never forgotten.

Marc Sparks serves as Chairman, CEO and Director of Unistar Financial Service Corp. and also as member of the Executive and Compensation Committees. He has founded and operated several insurance related corporations, with extensive experience in surety bonding, premium finance and investment banking.

Mr. Sparks lives in Dallas where he supports homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity and many local high schools. He has written a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” where he tells his story of coming from a “C+ average” student to his success of today and how you can.

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