Of a Man Named Soros

Most of us know George Soros’ reputation and his place in the world as a billionaire.

The Soros family are hedge-fund managers on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 and wealthy individuals. Yet among them, it’s the founder himself that compels media attention and widespread rumors today. The financial industry of world markets together stop to hear this man’s predictions and forecasts.

George Soros is the epitome for what’s known as a “financial tycoon,” and those wise enough to know heed to his voice. He has a knack, though, for offering gloomy forecasts be it with stocks or unseen conditions among world economies. His life’s work in finance allowed him to generate roughly $35 billion in personal assets that few alive can contest.

What will likely be contested are his recent predictions of a dark economic time soon to occur.

The billionaire has recently appeared in the Sri Lanka capitol, Colombo. Here, George Soros discussed the fragility of the Chinese economy, and how it relates to a larger issue. Those fragile conditions in China pose a threat to world economies as the Asian nation abruptly slows in economic growth.

Irony plays a large role in order for what George Soros is suggesting to take place. The equation is this: China is a large player in the supply of goods worldwide. Goods that are used by numerous nations. As the distribution of these goods either decline or cease, nations dependent on a thriving Chinese relationship find no trade to rely on.

China’s booming growth on http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp, which many boasted of just months ago, has come to a rapid decline. Without the ability to spur growth again, manufacturers, lenders and business developers lose out from the development tremendously. It is apparently the interrelationship of world markets that localizes the concerns of George Soros.

With China being such a large factor internationally, the world in whole will feel a financial shockwave as the second world economy rapidly stalls in ingenuity. George Soros’ conviction is certainly one to consider though time will prevail to tell the full truth in the end.

The billionaire made his fortune as an hedge fund manager throughout his lifetime. He is a WWII survivor who left Hungry to escape the devastating Nazi occupation of his country. George was fortunate to have reached Europe in his boarder run to freedom.

After securing financial education in the UK, Soros was then able to lay the foundations of the empire and family name standing today. His convictions of a world collapse in economic markets will be tested against the common determination of mankind.

Yet should the message foreseen by George Soros present itself as true, then it is certainly one of the most destructive forces ever to be warned of by the investor.

Where the tides will turn regarding economic stability is still to be debated. Yet the question presents itself dramatically. Will George Soros be absolutely correct again?

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