Beneful Remains a Healthy Option

In an industry with an increasing number of companies popping up each year to compete, Nestle Purinastore, the makers of Beneful dog food has done a remarkable job in keeping ahead of the pace of its competition. The pet food industry has been more and more focused on providing healthy pet food options for customers to feed their pets. In this regard, Beneful already has a leg up because ever since the company came into existence, it has focused exclusively on dog food, so its recipes are highly specialized and developed with the most cutting-edge formulas.
Some of the healthy dog food options offered by Beneful include its dry dog food varieties. In total, Beneful offers eight different dry food varieties, each one specifically designed to address particular needs of different dogs. For instance, Beneful offers a Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food product that contains the most calorie-conscious recipe so that dogs can prevent all types of problems associated with obesity and still receive the nutrients they need to thrive at the same time. Also, Beneful makes a Healthy Puppy Dog Food Recipe, which is based on the growing needs of puppies and specifically addresses their nutrition needs. Puppies who thrive on Beneful dog food can transition to the Beneful Playful Life Dry Dog Food option, which helps to maintain the health and vibrancy of slightly older dogs. If you are looking for a more protein-rich formula for your dog, then the Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites with real beef is the perfect option. Along with beef, this special formula includes both carrots and peas for a complete, balanced meal for your dog. Their products are available on most Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

One of the best resources for finding out the exact nutritional needs of your particular dog is your veterinarian. At your dog’s next appointment, be sure to remember to ask about whether your dog should adopt a Beneful diet and which particular dog food product is best for your dog. Nutritional needs for dogs vary based on age, breed, size and temperament. Concentrating on your dog’s nutrition is a cost effective, proactive step in preventing major health problems down the line for your dog. Follow Beneful:

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