Yeonmi Park’s Harrowing Tale Is Now Told In Her New Book

Yeonmi Park made it out of North Korea, and she has survived to tell the tale. In fact, she is telling her tale in a new book that is coming out. This book has been read by many people, and it has been reviewed highly. This book exposes the conditions inside North Korea, and it shows how difficult it is for oppressed citizens inside to ever leave the country. The book is for sale on major e-commerce sites, such as Amazon. Furthermore, the book is quite affordable from many sellers that are distributing it online.
The name of her book is In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom. The book is written in a very captivating way, and it has gotten five star reviews from While the book is Yenomi Park’s story, it is co authored with Maryanne Vollers. In addition, it is available in a number of different forms from You can get it in hardcover. However, you can also get it in paperback. It is also available for Kindle readers. You can actually get the book for free as a book on tape from Amazon.

Yenomi Park’s tale is quite an incredible story, as retold by The Reason TV. In order to escape North Korea, she left with her family in the middle of the night. They first crossed the border into China. In China, they had to avoid being captured by the authorities. If they were captured, they would be prosecuted for being defectors from the country. Her father never made it past this leg of the journey, as he died of natural causes. However, Park and her mother made it into Mongolia. The authorities there imprisoned them for a time, due to not legally being in the country. However, after this, they were able to make it into South Korea.

When they got to South Korea, they got to enjoy the freedoms of a democratic nation. South Korea grants it’s citizens a wide range of freedoms. It was day and night from what she endured while in North Korea. In South Korea, she has been able to tell her tale.

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