Skout App Tells Which College Towns Are Friendliest

Last year, the social app, Skout, examined its data to determine which college towns were the friendliest in the United States. This was determined by examining how frequently college students between the ages of 18 and 24 use the app, Skout, to talk and meet up with their peers. Skout is a free app for the mobile device, which allows college students to meet and chat with people with similar interests. Skout is like a dating app but for friends.

Skout has determined that the following are the ten most friendly college towns:

Madison, Wisconsin
Los Angeles, California
New York City
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois
San Francisco, California
Boulder, Colorado
Phoenix, Arizona
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dallas, Texas

Among men, the friendliest college town is Boulder, Colorado. Among women, the friendliest college town remains Madison, Wisconsin. It can thus be inferred that the vast majority of college students who use Skout are women.

Interestingly enough, Boston, Massachusetts was ranked twelve, despite boasting more than 100 colleges and universities in the city.

In addition to examining the data analytics of the app, Skout conducted a survey, asking 2,500 college students about making friends on campus. The survey found that even though 59 percent were worried about making friends in college, more than 70 percent quickly found friends in the first few weeks of freshman year.

Most college students go to school without knowing anyone on campus, but the survey found that 75 percent of new students quickly made friends in the classroom. Also, the majority of new college students (73 percent) are friends with their college roommates, but only 36 percent of students met friends in the college dorm.

The Skout app is available for download on any Android, Windows and iOS mobile device. Skout is an app that many college students use to meet and chat with people with similar interests in their local area.