Fabletics and Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a very well known American actress who rose to fame in 2000 when she starred in the movie Almost Famous. This appearance brought her a Golden Globe as well as a nomination for best supporting actress. Her movie career has been very successful and her persona resonates with many women both old and young. On top of her busy acting career, Kate Hudson has found the time to start her own active wear brand known as Fabletics which was launched in October 2013. The original business model was e-commerce where customers could subscribe online for a month to month program. This program Of Fabletics issued the customers various active wear clothing depending on preference. This has since changed into a brick and mortar store, with 6 locations across the United States. This decision was made and put into action on September 2015.

The Fabletics brand is represented around the globe in many countries including, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom of England, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and the United States of America. The Fabletics brand has gained in popularity over recent years as the brands main focus is to make active wear accessible to the masses yet still retain a high standard of quality. Both women and men can enjoy quality active wear.

Fabletics is all about inspiring people to remain fit and healthy as the clothing screams comfort and mobility yet still remaining sexy and up to date with the latest fashion trends. Kate Hudson is not skimp when it comes to fashion, her name is synonymous with young, sexy and active and this is represented very well in the Fabletics brand.

Everyone wants to know more about the upcoming collection launches and therefore Marie Claire Magazine got an exclusive interview with Kate Hudson. The newest collections from the production line will be the performance swim wear and athleisure dresses which will hit stores this April. The aim of the game for Fabletics is to provide its female customers the opportunity to go out in the evening and not have to do without their loved active wear. Therefore the launch of the active wear dresses is the natural progression. The activewear dresses will feature both bra and bra less options which will cater to those women who like to wear their favorite sports bra alongside.

The performance swimwear is aimed at those women who are always worried when they have to perform exercise or move in their swimwear at the risk of exposing body parts. This new line of active wear swim wear is built around the idea of protection yet still incorporating fashion. Therefore achieving two things with a great single line of swim wear.

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