Securus Technologies Exposes GTL Wrongdoings

One of the Nation’s top providers of criminal justice technology announced that the release of the first in a six-month series of findings aimed at spotlighting unethical behavior by a top inmate communications provider called Global Tel Link. Over the next six months, Securus will expose many instances of blatant wrongdoings by GTL in the reports. Securus aims to shame GTL into taking on more ethical practices in the future by releasing these reports

Unethical GTL Behavior

The first report highlights improper GTL actions during the time they provided Louisiana Department of Corrections with telecommunications services. GTL has been accused of adding an additional number of seconds to each call. GTL also rated calls at higher rates than established rate caps, and also increased charges to customers through adding money to calls after they had already been rated. GTL also billed single calls multiple times. These deliberate and unlawful actions are claimed to have costed Louisiana taxpayers well over a million dollars.

The many instances of GTL misconduct highlighted in this initial report is staggering, and with further reports scheduled in the coming months it is certainly not looking good for GTL at the moment. As their stated aim is to shame GTL into adapting future ethical behavior, Securus has taken a major step toward this with its first released report.

the Purpose Of Securus Technologies

From their Dallas, Texas headquarters Securus Technologies serves many public safety and law enforcement agencies, as well as over a million inmates in correction institutions across the Country. Securus provides services for institutions across the Nation and is dedicated to ethical and lawful behavior aimed at benefitting the public good.

In pointing out the unlawful behavior of organizations such as GTL, Securus hopes to promote best practices and end exploitation in the corrections industry.