George Soros Is Back And Donating Funds To Support Democratic Causes

George Soros is an investor who has a $24.9 billion fortune. He made headlines back in 2004 when he donated $27 million to defeat Former President George W. Bush. He has recently donated $25 million to Hillary’s campaign and other Democratic causes. He had planned to attend the Democratic National Convention to support Hillary Clinton, but he was forced to cancel at the last minute.

People who are close to George Soros have stated that he is very excited about the upcoming election. Michael Vachon is George’s political adviser. He stated that George has consistently donated to Democratic causes this year because the stakes are high. George is very concerned about immigration reform, religious intolerance and criminal justice reform.

George has financially-supported numerous other organizations and causes on He has committed to donate $5 million to a super-PAC group called Immigrant Voters Win. This is an organization that is committed to boosting voter turnout among Hispanic voters.

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George has also donated $5 million to fight against causes that restrict voter rights. Additionally, he has committed to donate $2 million to America Votes. This is an organization that coordinates and promotes progressive issues. See:

About George Soros

George Soros is a successful business man who has committed a lot of his time and money to helping other people. He is the chairman and founder of Soros Fund Management. He spent part of his early life in Hungary and later moved to London. He attended the London School Of Economics.

George Soros has been a philanthropist ever since 1979. He has given millions of dollars to help African students in Cape Town University further their education. George is also an accomplished author. He is the author of the book “The Tragedy Of The European Union.” He has also written numerous other essays and articles on politics and society.