Fabletics: Activewear That Inspires

“Vanity thy name is woman.” Men will work out in anything. The blood, sweat, and tears of an exhausting workout for a man is reward enough. A woman, however, even if she lets you see her sweat won’t sweat just looking any kind of way. Fabletics the new kid on the block for premium active wear, ensures just that: no matter how active you are you will look good.

Kate Hudson is the face behind this new line of active wear, Fabletics. The iconic and beautiful screen starlet, mother of two, and daughter of film star Goldie Hawn has a passion for motivating women to lead healthy active lives. Leave it to a fashion maven like Hudson to create stylish and high quality attire that looks good on and can be purchased by the average Miss America.

Hudson’s womens athletic wear line, the brainchild of three innovative designers whose unstoppable pursuit of style and comfort began in 2013, is inspirational clothing. It inspires women to stay active while looking their best. Whether sweating in a dance studio, pumping iron in the gym, or racing the kids to the car when leaving the grocery store, Fabletics designed to compliment your body will make you look good.

Fabletics is an online retailer that sells sportswear and accessories for women. The outfits are personalized based on your lifestyle or fashion preference. When you shop, you are invited to become a VIP member. You start the experience with a brief lifestyle quiz. This helps the company target your interest and provide you y with personalized outfits. Now you are ready to shop from thousands of styles that match your preference. As a member of the Fabletics club new outfits will be recommended to you monthly. These are based on your style and workout preference. On the first day of each month you will receive a new outfit handpicked especially for you. All outfits start at $49.95 and include free shipping; the first introductory outfit is a bargain at $29.99.

The company wants to reach a broader range of people motivating them to be healthy and stay fit. It sells trendy clothing styles at affordable prices on Pinterest and the success of the company is directing their expansion into swimwear and dresses.

Fabletics is perfect for anyone on the go. It will carry you from the gym to dinner with friends without missing a beat, and now Fabletics has a men’s performance line FL2 so he can look good too.

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