The DeVos Family Continues Their Tradition of Aiding Others

In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos the wife of philanthropist and business all star Dick DeVos talked about her charitable work and political lobbying in the arena of education. For decades now, Dick and Betsy have worked to give all children the options that their own kids had. Schools that use traditional education methods lead to students falling behind in the global economy. Dick and Betsy led the charge for allowing charter schools to receive public funds going back all the way to the 1990s. Betsy saw parents who cared so much about their children’s future unable to get their kids the best possible education and so she worked tirelessly alongside her husband to change that.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos Sr. The Amway corporation has been in his family since for generations now. It was founded alongside Jay Van Andel. The company has been very successful and as a result the DeVos family is one of the wealthiest in the nation. It deals with network sales and distributes health products. Dick began working for his father’s company in the year 1974 where he worked his way up to the top level through initiative and hard work. Within 10 years, he was made vice president of the country and coordinated its operations in more than 18 nations. By 1989, Dick was hungry to start a business venture of his own and so he began the Windquest Group. He returned to Amway a few years later as president. Now that he was in charge of all operations he made an umbrella corporation known as Alticor Corporation. It would house Amway, Access Business Group and, Quixtar Corporation.


Despite being an earnest businessman Dick has always cared a lot about influencing the lives of others in a positive way. He decided to run for governor of Michigan in 2006 as a Republican. He used own money to run the campaign because he did not want to owe anyone political favors that could compromise his high-minded principles. Dick has devoted himself to philanthropy for the last decade or so. He has founded an institute named after himself and his wife and he donates money to educational, political, and artistic institutions that better the quality of life for people in his community. Furthermore, he continues to foster business in Michigan and has recently purchased a microbrewery that makes the best beer in the region.

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