Richard Blair Guides Clients to Financial Stability and Freedom

An investment advisor influences your estate planning, retirement planning, and future financial strength. The specialist serves as your planning partner – you and your investment advisor set financial and personal goals and come up with strategies for turning them into a reality.

For instance, you may be planning to acquire a holiday home or send your kid to a private higher learning institution in 10 years. In such a scenario, a financial advisor will help you to achieve such goals without straining. Therefore, choosing a wealth advisor is a major decision that requires attention to detail and thorough research.

What features should a qualified investment advisor have?


An independent advisor will offer excellent guidance free from any bias. The professional will try to provide services without conflicts of interests. It is imperative to deal with an advisor, who is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

A diverse portfolio

A reliable investment advisor should provide a broad range of services and products. The professional must collaborate with other experts, including tax professionals, plan administrators, and licensed estate attorneys. The advisor should have unrivaled expertise in specific areas such as:

• Wealthy families

• Retirement planning

• Estate planning

• Wealth transfers

Personal relationships

Do not limit your communication with your advisor to text messages and calls. You should meet with him or her at least twice or once a month. Your service provider should take a personal approach and strive to forge a strong bond with you. The specialist should focus on knowing you, your family as well as your special financial status.

Richard Blair

Blair is a reputable independent financial advisor, currently living in Austin, Texas. He specializes in helping high-net-worth persons, small business owners, and wealthy families to make smart investment decisions. He has a degree in finance from the prominent University of Houston.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair is the founder of the Wealth Solutions, a firm that offers practical advice, retirement, personalized investment, and wealth protection strategies. He loves to assist others in achieving their personal financial objectives.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions helps clients to realize their dreams of successful retirement by assisting them to avoid common pitfalls and availing tactics for retirement income planning.

When not busy in office striking deals and developing investment strategies for his clients, Blair enjoys spending time with Joanne (his wife), and their three kids. He enjoys working out, golf, bike riding, cheering on his children during their sports events, and visiting new places with his family.

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