Fabletics – Breast Cancer Awareness

According to an online article in the LA Times.com, Kate Hudson has joined the Council of Fashion Designers of America to be an ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Hudson is an actress and a fashion designer for her athleisurewear, Fabletics. She has created a special clothing collection to commemorate breast cancer awareness, says the article.

Hudson says that most of us have known someone with breast cancer, or even had it themselves. She states that she was proud to become a CFDA ambassador as advertised on Instagram. Even though breast cancer treatment has come a long way, says Hudson, we still have a long way to go. She says that it still touches most of our lives.

The mini-collection includes two tank tops, one pair of capris, and a bralette. Hudson says that she that she not only wanted to create something for the cause, but she also wanted something that women would love to wear. When it came to the traditional pink color, Hudson says that she chose a deep shade of pink instead of a lighter one.

A related online article on sourcingjournalonline.com says that the new outfit will be debuting in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds will go toward the campaign, says the article. A separate event hosted by Fabletics will provide more donations to the campaign’s cancer awareness programs.

The article explains that FTBC was started 20 years ago by Ralph Lauren. It is now endowed to the CFDA Foundation. This association partnered with the New York Community trust in 2011. The trust provides grants for the screening, treatment, and survival of breast cancer, says the article. These grants are available to women who are low-income, immigrant, or minority status. Steve Kolb, who is president and CEO of CFDA says what a privilege it is to have Kate Hudson as a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and CFDA Ambassador.

Fabletics is a division of JustFab’s marketing line. Actress Kate Hudson says that although athleisurewear has been available for quite some time, it was too expensive for a lot of people. She decided to work with a group of designers to make fashionable leisure clothes that were beautiful and affordable.

This athleisure line eliminates the middle man and sells straight to the customer. Customers can go online and choose from trendy capris, sports bras, and tank tops in fashionable colors. They can order what they want and it is sent straight to their door. They can also enjoy savings on the VIP program that Fabletics offers.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.techstyle.com/fabletics/


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