John Goullet, King of IT

John Goullet, an alumnus of Ursinus College (1979-1983), is an information technology specialist and entrepreneur. He is well known for starting his own IT company, Info Technologies in 1994 where he served as the chief executive officer.

John Goullet recently merged his company with Diversant and he has been named as the Principal of Diversant LLC. He is distinct from others since he is a man of dignity, honor and class. He is respected as an entrepreneur since he started from scratch to build his reputable company.

Information Technology.

Information technology is the study and use of computers and the internet to store, retrieve and or to manipulate raw or processed data normally in business settings. The role played by information technology is very vital.

Importance of information technology.

Information technology is used in almost all the departments of a company, production, human resource and security.

One of the advantages of using it is that businesses can view changes in the global market as quick as possible. Information technology also enables businesses to keep up with the changes in the forces of demand and supply.

Another advantage is that information technology drives innovation. Innovation is simply coming up with new ideas, devices or methods of doing things. Innovation is very key to the success of any business.

Also information technology has made things easier and efficient in terms of shopping. For example online businesses such as Amazon help busy customers do their shopping in an efficient and very effective manner.

Another thing is that unlike with television, newspapers and radio advertising, information technology makes marketing much easier, less costly and more effective.

Information technology has also made social networking less time consuming and efficient. Another thing is that most businesses that have embraced IT are able to conduct effective planning and effective marketing. IT also enables businesses to conduct real time monitoring.

IT also helps businesses in making informed decisions. All decisions will be made based on dependable market research.

It has also helped in resource management and improved customer support. It is thus evident that information technology is key to the survival of businesses.

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