What Malini Saba Taught Me About Failure

The business world can be a cruel place for any entrepreneurs. I know this all too well because I have had a business that has failed. It has not been easy, but I had to get back up again and dust myself off. It is easier to do something like this when you have a person like Malini Saba that has managed to talk so openly about her failures. She has mentioned that there have been times where she operated in a certain country with people that tried to discredit her business skills and her reputation. She had to fight. She has encouraged others to fight and continue to push on.


This is why I think that people like Malini Saba are so important to girls that are growing up with a desire to get into business. She has tackled the financial world with great tenacity, and she deserves all of the praise that she receives for her work. With a financial investment firm and a non-profit organization to her credit, it is undeniable that Malini Saba is a hard worker. She has been able to move from nothing to something, and all of this is a product of her appetite to gain more knowledge.


A lot of people don’t have that same type of passion to learn, but that is what makes the work environment harder. I like the way that Malini Saba has stated that she has learned from her failures. I think that this is so amazing. She has stated that this is the thing that truly separates¬†failure¬†from success. I can agree with her when she conforms that everyone fails at some point in life. Success, however, is something that we can only see when we are willing to look beyond our failures and learn something from what we did wrong in the past.


Malini Saba started out as a venture capitalist. I know that this was a hard job to have. It is something that is all based on your gut instinct. If you have the ability to pick out a company that is good then things can go well for you. The return on investment can be good. If, however, you pick a company that does not make a good return on investment, things can go horribly wrong. You will find yourself in a place where your are losing a lot of money.


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