4 Ways of Participating in College Basketball Betting

Sports betting has increasing become an ideal option of making more money through placing wagers on the outcomes of a particular sport or game. This trend has trickled down from major sport leagues such as the NBA to college tournaments such as the March Madness NCAA college basketball. The NCAA college basketball has attracted a considerable portion of sports bettors making it one of the preferred betting options on most sportsbooks.

Individuals who are familiar with NBA betting get an easy time when it comes to college basketball betting because of their similarity. Covers.com has proven to be one of the best options preferred by bettors for placing accurate bets on NCAAB odds, games or teams.

Types of College Basketball Betting Options

Spread Betting

This betting mainly involves selecting sides. In this case, the oddsmakers set the spread, which favors the favorite team. Bets placed on a favorite team can only win when they exceed the number points representing the spread. Alternatively, bets on the underdog side can only win if they lose by less the number of points set as the spread.

Money Line Betting

Money line betting involves simply selecting and picking the NCAA college basketball team that you think will win the game. The number of points that the team wins by is not vital as long as the team you bet on wins. In this type of betting, the less likely to win team pays out more money than the one that is more expected to win.

Over Under Betting

This type of betting is also called Game Total betting. Here, a person bets on the combined number of points both teams involved in a game score. The oddsmakers set a game total or over-under number. Hence, bettors opting for this type of betting are required to pick the combined points scored to go under or over the set number.

Prop Betting

Prop betting in college basketball betting revolves around any type of betting, which is not based on the outcomes of a game. Prop bets include halftime scores and the performances of individual players.

Before taking part in college basketball betting, make sure you obtain vital information on matchups, injuries, accurate statistics on odds and players from a reliable source like Covers.com. Further, be keen on home court advantages since most college basketball players are highly affected by being away from their home ground, unlike the professional NBA players.

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