FreedomPop Offers Revolutionary Mobile Service

The first of its kind, FreedomPop is a free mobile and internet service provider that has screwing up mobile and internet service models for five years. It may not be for everybody, but it offers customers completely free or pretty close to free options that can fit any budget.


Being a FreedomPop customer gives you a multitude of options as far as mobile and internet services. Their biggest claim-to-fame is the plan that offers completely free mobile service. This plan features 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. Not only is it free, but it is also contract-free. FreedomPop uses Sprint’s network.


Nowadays, 500MB of data seems pretty low. FreedomPop states up front that this free plan is tailored for people who use data lightly. If you go over your data, things may become a little more hairy. When you get to the last 100 MB of data on your plan, the company automatically charges your account $10 to ensure you don’t go over your data limit. FreedomPop alerts you via email of the charge, which gives you an opportunity to opt out of it but changing the feature on your account.


This free service plan is not eternal. After a year, you will pay about $10.00 a month, still without the strains of a contract. You may also increase your data on the plan with three different options:


  • Pay $0.02 per MB of additional data that you use per month. You will automatically be charged this option if you go over your allotted amount of data after you’ve turned off the email alert about overspending.
  • If you invite friends and they sign up for the service, you can receive an extra 10 MB of data each month.
  • There are offers, surveys and software downloads you can participate in to earn free data.

There are also other options, instead of the free plan with 500 MB of data. You can pay $5 each month, there is a plan that uses Wi-Fi hotspots across the country to give you voice, text and data usage.


There is also a $10.99 a month unlimited talk and text plan with 500 MB of data, and a $20 a month plan that features unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data. There are also several internet options which allow you to buy extra data.


FreedomPop’s free mobile service is revolutionary. It requires customers to pay more attention to their usage but that is an extremely minute price to pay for being connected for nothing. It is an excellent option for those looking to lower their mobile and internet service costs. The fact that they charge no cancellation fees, and there is no contract is just an added bonus!

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