Galvanization Of The Democracy Alliance

There are many people that are upset about the results of the 2016 Presidential election in the United States, and the wealthier of this group are likely not going to just sit idly by and watch this happen. To this point, in November, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, D.C., there was a gathering of some of the top Democratic party brass, as well as some very wealthy Democratic supporters, not the least of which was George Soros. There is a slow, but quite sure, movement that is being organized to try to stop a Trump presidency from even happening.

The words “equitable and just” have been bantered about since Donald Trump startlingly defeated Hillary Clinton. The fears of what his agenda could do to some of President Obama’s achievements, in just the first 100 days in office, are galvanizing the party to start fighting him on these plans immediately. The first 100 days marks a time when a President can get certain things done, and quickly, before anyone even realizes what has happened.

There is a group of well-heeled individuals that support the Democratic party in this country, and they are collectively called the Democracy Alliance (DA). Some critics of this group call it a club for “wealthy white donors,” and that this social club is certainly within the scope of reproach for failing to focus on important party issues rather than on socializing and behaving superficially.

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Many in the political power circles cast aspersions on the DA for Clinton’s loss, and that some very big errors were made regarding incorrect assumptions, strategy, tactics and an overall inability to make changes as key indicators suggested problems were afoot. Hillary Clinton has won nearly 3 million more popular votes than Donald Trump, and with the suspicion that the Russian government somehow manipulated Trump’s win by accessing Democratic databases, there is little doubt that the DA needs to consider where things went so very wrong.

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The DA was founded in 2004 by George Soros and the late Peter Lewis. It was started after John Kerry was defeated by George W. Bush. The goal of the DA was very clever in that it was designed to both help the party and its candidates while also defending them against attack from the Republican party. the DA has contribution expectations of its members, and that said, it is purported they are each expected to donate $200,000 to recommended groups. Members like George Soros also pay annual dues in the neighborhood of $30,000, so with those two factors in mind, it becomes clear there is no shortage of money among this group of Democratic elite.

Although George Soros is a founder of Democracy Alliance, he does not regularly attend DA meetings, and some have even suggested he has scaled back on his support of the party in recent years. That said, he did donate $25 million to back Clinton, and his appearance at the Mandarin can only be construed as his declaration he is very serious about directing funds toward opposing Trump. To keep this all in perspective, Donald Trump has some very, very wealthy people perfectly upset with him. Warren Buffet, who has a net worth of nearly $75 billion, is an ardent supporter of Democrats, and his late wife was a member of the DA. George Soros has a net worth over 700% more than that of Donald Trump’s $3.7 billion. These are indeed very wealthy and powerful enemies to have. After exploring if the election was hacked, this group is likely going to organize in a focused attempt to thwart a Trump presidency. Much remains to be seen, but suffice it to say, they have been galvanized.

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