Why Fabletics is the ultimate shopping destination for activewear

There is a changing trend in how people exercise. People want to look good when working out in public places such as public gyms. Unlike aged people that may have purchased equipment and work out at their home. Millennials want to the gym and socialize. One has to look good at the gym. Fabletics has created sportswear and activewear for this groups. The brand has come up with athletic clothing that is highly fashionable.

Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics. She often mentions her brand as an all-inclusive athletic wear. What this means that the clothing can be worn for working out and running errands. The brand also takes care of the large crowd that shop at the company’s stores. People that want to work out and later hang out with friends can find Fabletics clothing convenient. The brand has saved many people the time to change gear when going to the gym and later to the mall.

Fabletics has gained massive popularity since it was created. The brand has built a huge brand in several social media networks. Fabletics started as an online marketplace and grew its popularity. It became in a very short time span because of its business model and clothing. Fabletics has always sold clothing items that are durable and stylish. The brand maintains a superior style even when these clothing items are simply for working out.

Fabletics has driven its growth by focusing on a proper business plan. The company makes use of online data to judge the correct business plan. Many Fabletics customers have subscribed to a membership forum. The company makes use of this forum to get adequate data about customers. When signing up, one has to fill information about their fashion preferences, lifestyle and body size. Consistent members have further assisted the company to identify real-time activities among customers. Fabletics has created an innovative data collection method. The company has made use of these data to get hold of subscribers and gain new customers. According to Kate Hudson, Fabletics co-founder, most of Fabletics clients who fill offline stores have subscribed to the company online. The subscription model has enabled customers to get discounts on items they purchase.

Fabletics has a goal to command the online fashion marketplace. The company has created a name for itself and is growing in popularity. The firm’s strategy to beat its competitors is a unique and creative one. It plans to offer personalized services for its community of forty million members. People that shop at Fabletics are young, innovative and energetic individuals that workout frequently. The company has created stores that extend in different parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, and Canada. The company has plans to open several stores in different locations.

It is difficult to build a thriving e-commerce market destination today. One will have to face and compete with big fashion giants like Amazon. However, Fabletics have proved themselves to be a worthy competitor. The firm has a rapid growth rate of 35 percent every year.

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