Experiencing Healthy Meals with Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen

For startup companies, there is much they can learn from Sweetgreen. The company has grown from scratch to become one of the most successful companies on earth. What’s more interesting is that the company was established by three armatures from Georgetown University who had no clue of how to run a business leave alone a food business. However, through the advice of other people and the support of their parents, the three gentlemen managed to make it in life. Sweetgreen is known around the United States of America for offering healthy food that is locally produced. Mind you; the company uses products that are produced in the locality and one that is delivered on a daily basis.


Another good thing about Sweetgreen is that it offers products at a customer friendly price. This means that all people whether a student or a working professional can afford their products. To ensure that their customers continue believing in their products, Sweetgreen has decided to maintain an open kitchen system. An open kitchen system means that customers get to see what is going on in the kitchen. They get to see how their food is being prepared. Some of the products that are prepared by Sweetgreen include burgers and fries.


By now, Sweetgreen has grown into a chain of restaurants. The restaurants are present in over 40 different locations in the United States of America. The initial joint is found in Washington DC. There are other joints in other cities such as the recently opened joint in Los Angeles, California, Boston in Massachusetts as well as New York New York. The first joint was opened in the year 2007 at Georgetown University. Sweetgreen can also be found in Chicago, Illinois. One of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru said that the company wants to establish a brand that everyone can be proud of.


According to a recent article on the business insider, Sweetgreen was established by the three gentlemen at a time when they were confused about what to do after college. The three co-founders say that technology has been one of the factors that has helped them grow. They attribute the sales they make to their website. When they were beginning their first restaurant, they had to beg the owner of their first joint to meet with them. She refused to pick their calls, but they didn’t relent in calling her. They would call her at least once in a day for one month.

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