Where Janet Yang Predicts The Capital Group Will Go

The Capital Group currently manages over $1 trillion in client assets and it’s been a reputable equity firm based in Los Angeles. The Capital Group is also a working partner with Samsung Asset Management, a Korean specialized funds firm that’s teamed with The Capital Group’s senior portfolio managers to deliver a capital-based strategy to its investors. Janet Yang, a certified financial analyst sees the direction of the firm continuing to look positive in part because of the appointment of Timothy Armour to Chairman, and its reliable multimanager system. She’s commended the company on its strong ethics and corporate responsibilities, and such practices that have led to high employee retention, including those who’ve spent their entire careers with the company.

The Capital Group services individual investors institutional clients, and other portfolio consultants and strategists. The assets they manage include fixed income funds, derivatives, global equity, long duration credit and many other types. The company began with the vision of Jonathan Lovelace building a quality American Funds and mutual funds company and adding other subsidiaries. The Capital Group now has offices across the US, in Canada, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Spain, India, China and other countries.

The Capital Group’s leaders have followed in Jonathan Lovelace’s footsteps in terms of vision and knowledge and include portfolio managers Rob Lovelace, Phil de Toledo, Darcy Kopcho and Tim Armour. Timothy Armour has worked his entire career as an analyst and portfolio advisor for The Capital Group and has learned from some of the best senior managers over the years. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College, and started in the Associates Program before becoming a full time analyst. After serving several years as an analyst, he became a senior portfolio manager and eventually a company executive.

Armour worked closely with Jim Rothenberg, one of The Capital Group’s finest investors and philanthropists who had a profound influence on Armour. After Rothenberg passed away, Timothy Armour was named company Chairman, adding to his positions of Chairman of the management committee, and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Armour has also lead the firm to a more transparent culture n terms of its investments and regulatory adherence.

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