Fabletics Taking The Market By Storm

Golden Globe-winning actress Kate Hudson has embarked on a new career in the e-commerce clothing industry. In 2013 Kate co-founded the fitness apparel company Fabletics knowing full well that succeeding in the fashion e-commerce industry is not easy. The competition can be fierce; it is a given Amazon already have 20% of the market. But Kate Hudson and Fabletics have accepted this challenge, and they are succeeding. Fabletics, in its first three years of operation, has grown to a $250 million business, combining e-commerce and physical locations they have created the best of both worlds. By coupling convenience with a membership program, they have created a powerful selling tool. Fabletics currently has sixteen traditional stores open in Hawaii, California, and Florida with plans to open more shortly. Fabletics has a membership program that gives them the opportunity to offer their customers current fashions and personalized service for half the price of its competitors.


There is a concept in the retail industry known as showrooming; this is when a shopper finds a product they like, while browsing at a local store, but wind up buying the item cheaper elsewhere. Fabletics has devised a way to turn showrooming around and make it work in their favor. Because of the close relationship, they have already established with their online customers, and by becoming involved in local activities and events in communities where they have walk in stores, they better understand what their potential clients in the area are looking to buy. Fabletics encourages their customers to browse the store; If a customer finds an item to purchase it can be applied to their online shopping cart. Between 30-50% of the customers are already members of Fabletics and another 25% become members before they leave the store, a win/win for Fabletics and their clientele as well. Fabletics have succeeded in reversing showrooming to their advantage.


For almost a year before she was asked by Fabletics if she would accept some free workout clothes, Teri Hutcheon, the author of the hugely popular blog A Foodie Stays Fit had been a customer of Fabletics. Her post titled A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review was written well before Fabletics reached out to her. Teri was already thinking about writing a positive review of the company based on her experience; She goes on to explain how Fabletics works and why she is a happy customer.


Fabletics is a monthly membership fitness apparel company, Teri suggests you join as a VIP Member, VIP Members get their first outfit for $25, plus discounts on a la carte items. The nice feature here is you can skip months and not pay anything, order only when you want to. Teri gave the company good reviews for quality, style, and value. Quality was much higher than she expected for the price. Teri was very impressed with the variety of styles offered stating everyone should be able to find something they like. For what you are paying the value is good, $50 will go a long way at Fabletics. The bottom line, Teri Hutcheon recommends Fabletics to her many readers.

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