Make These Cute Edible School Supplies To Fight Off Hunger In Class and Prank Your Friends

Wish you could make an edible eraser to prank your friends? Now you can! All you need is some musk sticks and an eraser pen. Simply shave down your musk sticks to the shape of an eraser that will fit in the eraser pen. This is done best with an x-acto knife or a sharp pairing knife. Once the musk sticks are shaped, leave them out to dry so that they won’t bend as easily, before inserting them into your eraser pen. After that, you’re ready to nom on these edible erasers to your hearts content!


Chewing gum is known in many schools to be a big no-no during class. But what if there’s an easy way to sneak gum into your classroom without the teacher knowing? This DIY hack is exactly what you’re looking for! Simply pick out the eraser from a pencil using a pairing knife, and then grab some stick gum (hubba bubba works well). Roll the gum as tight as possible and try to match the width of your roll with the width of your pencil. Once a match is made, just insert the rolled gum into where the eraser used to be and mold it to shape with your fingers. This hack is super smart and useful!


So you can make two different edible erasers – what about markers? Yes, you can make edible markers too, Wengie said! To do this, you’ll need some kool-aid and food dye pens which are usually used to decorate cakes and are edible. Paint the body of the food dye pens with some silver or grey acrylic paint until they are no longer opaque, and then write “Sharpie” on them using a permanent marker to make the edible pens look more like Sharpies (try to imitate the font used on real Sharpie pens). Then, combine half a teaspoon of kool-aid with a teaspoon of water in a small bowl. Soak the food dye pen tip in the kool-aid mixture until it is completely saturated, and you’re ready to go! Pull this marker out during class and lick to fool everyone!



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