Life Line Screening Ankle Ultrasound Can Save Your Life

Did you know that by taking an ultrasound of an artery in your ankle can help diagnose a potentially fatal medical condition? You have probably never heard of this preventative health care measure because most healthcare practitioners does not offer the service. That begs the obvious question — why don’t they provide this preventative service?

The answer is simple — there is more money to be made in letting you come down with a disease and then treating that disease. But that’s not the way that health care should work. We should all move to more preventative measures so people can know about medical conditions before they start causing problems. And catching medical problems in the very first stages allows all of us to change lifestyle habits and take medication to avoid costly surgeries.

That’s why I continue to promote Life Line Screenings. It is a group of medical professionals that offer screenings that catch potentially fatal medical conditions as they emerge. Sometimes Life Line Screenings can catch medical conditions happening before you even feel them.

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The artery in your ankle can undergo an ultrasound that gives Life Line Screening professionals a glimpse into your lower leg circulation. This can allow them to identify peripheral artery disease before it happens. Peripheral artery disease happens when the arteries in your extremities get lazy because they are filled with fatty plaques.

If left untreated or even undiscovered, this disease can cause all sorts of problems. You’ll lose feelings in your extremities, feel pain your legs when walking around and the plaques can even cause blood clots which can lead to fatal conditions. But all of this can be avoided with routine ultrasounds of your ankle at Life Line Screening. It is easy, quick, non-invasive and affordable. They leave no room for excuses.


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