Finding a Suspected Criminal with Securus Technologies

When there is a suspected criminal in our ton that has eluded capture for too long, they call in me and my task force to hunt this person down and to bring them back to face the courts. This particular case was especially troublesome because the suspect in question was using different identities to continue living in our town but committing crimes all the while. The reason we could connect the dots was because he would always rob the houses the same way, then fence the goods for cash.


We were hunting down this suspect and using informants and family members to help us get leads, but the suspect was always a step ahead of us. Even when we were able to stake out a location we thought he may target, he slipped in under our noses and commit the robbery anyway. My superiors were putting the pressure on me to close this case, and I was running out of resources to find his whereabouts.


On afternoon we were called by the local jail because they informed us that one of the associates of our suspect was just arrested. Rather than interrogate the inmate, we decided to use the Securus Technologies inmate call system to our advantage. This new phone system was able to pick up chatter that could otherwise get by unnoticed. When we began to monitor the calls on the inmate, it wasn’t long before he reached out to our suspect.


The inmate was being told by our suspect to keep his mouth shut and to not say anything. He was told how to answer questions concerning recent robberies, and he was coached on what to say if this suspect’s name came up. We were able to collect enough information to that allowed us to find the suspect one day as he was preparing for his next robbery without any incident.


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