Wengie’s Paper Tricks to Prank your Friends!

Wengie’s 10 Amazing Paper Tricks video is one of her more recent videos to drop. These paper tricks are totally magical. Her first paper trick looks so beautiful on camera. She carefully rolls a section of paper around a pen, and propping the roll up with a pliers, lights one end on fire! The result is a cute waterfall of smoke that billows from the end. Slowed down on camera, the result is so pretty.


The next paper trick involves a template of a cat that you can download from the description of the video itself. The template is a cut out and folding image of a cute cat, who’s eyes seem to follow you wherever you go! The paper cat actually creates an illusion where it appears as if it is actually moving.


The disappearing square trick is completely mind-blowing. After cutting four pieces that perfectly make a square following Wengie’s template, simply rotating each piece and putting them back together leaves an empty block in the middle. It doesn’t seem like it should even be possible. This will definitely surprise your friends.


The infinite unfolding hexagon seems to be the next best thing to a fidget spinner. This hexagon has three different colored surfaces, and once folded together, can continue to unfold and refold forever! Using the template in the description of the video, viewers can follow Wengie’s directions as she folds the template specifically, and then colors in the three surfaces.


For more incredible paper tricks and crafts, watch Wengie’s new video!

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