Anthony Petrello Shows His Texas Sized Heart

With both undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a Harvard law degree, Anthony Petrello began his career as CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd with atypical credentials. Anthony’s education prepared him for careers in mathematics and law, but deciding between the two presented challenges. As a young professional, Petrello worked in New York as a managing partner for Baker & McKenzie law firm. In the early 1990’s a career transition opportunity presented itself to Anthony. With Nabors Industries calling, he found himself trading his east coast roots to fill big Texas boots.

Nabors Industries is the largest company to acquire and fulfill contracts for land-drilling in the oil industry. As CEO, President and Chairman of Nabors, Petrello is employed by oil companies worldwide to drill for natural supplies of both oil and gas. In addition to his roles Nabors Industries, Tony’s plate is kept full while serving Stewart & Stevenson LLC as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Petrello occupies seats on the Board of Directors for both Stewart & Stevenson and Hillcorp Energy Company.

Outside of the bustle of the corporate world, Anthony lives with his wife, Cynthia, a former soap-opera actress in New York and daughter Carena. The Petrello’s daughter was born prematurely and as a result, developed periventricular leukomalacia. Baby Carena experienced brain damage from reduced oxygen supply. As a result, Carena developed cerebral palsy and lives with life altering brain defects that affect her ability to care for herself. The Petrello family began their journey into medical research and philanthropy because of the magnitude of challenges that they faced with Carena’s care.

The Petrello family’s philanthropic work can be seen in their dedicated partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony and Cynthia’s generous donations to the hospital’s Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute have made innovative research and therapy possible for so many. After Carena’s birth and diagnosis, the Petrello’s noticed a severe lack in “transitional research on a large scale”, that could provide answers for parents. As a result, donations were made to fund more research and empower more families.

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