Breaking a Cold Case with Securus Technologies

When my team of crime scene investigators was called in to help solve a case, we knew this was going to be a challenge right at the start. A husband and wife team were arrested for numerous robberies in our community, but the evidence was only strong enough to hold one of them in custody. While the husband sat in jail, we could not get any evidence on the wife no matter how many people we spoke with.


When we would question the wife, she would claim to not know anything, in fact, she swore she was just an innocent victim and was only alerted to the crimes when her husband was detained. We knew she was not only part of the crimes, that she was instrumental in planning the robberies. The cases all involved older gentlemen who were smitten by this women, except none would come forward for various reasons.


One trip to the jail to try and get the husband to talk to us was quite revealing. We learned Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate call monitoring system in the facility, allowing the corrections officers to listen more intently to what the inmates were talking about on those calls. The LBS software can do the work of many officers, and it can isolate calls depending on the conversation. We began to listen to the husband and discovered his wife was not as innocent as she claimed.


We thought we would discover calls about him telling her what to do, the opposite occurred. We heard a few times where she would tell him exactly what to say to authorities, how to leave her out of certain conversations to help his case, when we knew it was to keep her out of jail. Her calls would provide authorities enough to bring her into custody.


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