Dr. Chris Villanueva Raising the Bar of Standard for the Dental Practitioners in the Country

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental who wanted to provide the dental practitioners in the country with an opportunity to take their sole dental clinic to the level of the corporate dentistry. With first-hand experience in both the sectors, he knows what it takes to become successful in the dentistry business. The company is currently affiliated with more than 70 dentistry clinics in six states and has close to 533 employees working for them. The main reason behind the success of this venture is that he emphasized people as they are the real asset for any dental practice. By providing the dentists with a support system for their business, they are not only in a better position to provide exceptional care but also compete with large corporations.

Dr. Chris Villanueva had the idea of creating MB2 after he graduated from dental school. He found out that he had just two options in front of him. He could either join a corporate medical business or start his private practice that is not always possible for someone just fresh out of dental school. It was then he wanted to do something that would enable dentists to start their private practice using state of the art technology and investment that is possible only in corporate setting. He also worked alongside a dental associate after he passed his dental school where the dentist’s wife was looking after the business part of his practice. It was difficult for her as she was unable to manage appropriately and ultimately it was the patients that suffered. After working for a large hospital and as a private practitioner for years, he invested in his company to create MB2.

Dr. Chris Villanueva believes in transparency, and all of their clients are free to check their records when they want to. It helps build trust and shows how well MB2 are committed to providing professional support to the practitioner. It allows them to focus on delivering exceptional dental treatment and care to their patients than worrying about the business part of their practice. Since managing their business means that the practitioners need to waste their time on something that is not their core talent. Dr. Chris Villanueva helps them run their business smoothly and efficiently. With a knowledgeable and experienced team working for them, MB2 has come a long way and expanding their business beyond the six states.

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