Oncotarget, the Journal of Life Sciences

Oncotarget is an international open access journal that was initially designed to focus on oncology which is a branch of medicine that deals with cancer, its prevention and treatment. It is peer-reviewed and written on a weekly basis. Before, scientists had to wait for their work to be reviewed before showing the whole world. This journal ensures the scientists share their work as soon as they have completed. Oncotarget was first established in 2005 and published by Impact Journals. The journal can be accessed in PubMed. PubMed is a favorite search engine for life sciences and biomedical topics. With the growing numbers of people living and dying of cancer, it is necessary for more research to take place and recorded for use by all scientists worldwide.

Although it initially focused on only oncology, it has now ventured into other topics related to life sciences such as cardiology, neuroscience, microbiology, immunology among others.Additionally, it no longer just publishes one article per week. The publication frequency has increased to twice per week. For oncology-related publications, it talks about the causes of different cancers, the targets for therapy and therapeutic protocols. It also talks about new treatments that are introduced, how they work and even the existing therapies. The current therapies that are proving useful, having changed to be improved or are entirely being replaced.

The effects of any treatment, both positive and negative.This journal has been popular over the years since its establishment. Many researchers especially medical and specifically cancer-related scientists have found it very useful. Moreover, the journal has very high impact factor every year. The most elevated so far is 6.636. The journal is also under the leadership of renowned scientists that are very prominent. This makes other scientists rely on it for credible information. It can be summarized as a journal written by scientists for scientists.Oncotarget aims to ensure people live disease-free lives. It is a platform for different scientists to work together to make science better every day. Also, by it being free to access and online, it makes the science readily and widely available.

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