Good Times with the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is an asset to people of Joao Pessoa. His investment has significantly contributed to the society. Roberto Santiago is the owner of the two most prominent malls in Brazil. His people have advanced in all the sectors, thanks to his plan.

The primary goal of many investors is to accumulate profits. Roberto Santiago does no fall in this bracket. His mission was to ensure that his people had a recreational facility that had everything they needed. He noticed that his people had to travel to access the luxury joints. Santiago was determined to change this part of their daily life.

This is why in 1987, he went ahead and bought the land on which he was going to build the Roberto Santiago mall. Two years later, he launched the Roberto Santiago Mall. This was the greatest gift anyone could have possibly given the Manaira people.

The residents consider the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall a small city. This is because it can accommodate you for a month or so without needing anything from the outside. In total, it has 280 premises. Among these premises are schools, colleges, medical facilities, food court, bank facilities and other social amenities.

This has encouraged bonding, and time off work to the people. Initially, the Manaira people were reluctant in going for outings. This is because of the transport expense that added the cost. It is now normal to find families having the time of their life.

Their many activities that families can engage in to have fun. They are beautiful views for parents to view, as they take a drink. For the children, their many playing stations and devices that they can use to keep them busy.

Their also activities like food testing that the families can share. This is because the Manaira people have all the food types, ranging from traditional meals to modern food. This eliminates your chance of getting hungry around the Manaira Mall.

The entertainment sector is the best part of the mall. At the rooftop of the mall, is the Domus Hall, this is the most significant structure the occupants had possibly seen. The hall can accommodate up to 8000 people. The size factor does not eliminate the comfort and pleasure in here. A lot of thought was given in the designing and ventilation of the mall. The air is conducive to everyone.

The hall has an excellent auditory range. A unique lighting system accompanies this. Watching a 3D movie here is an experience of a lifetime. It is a thrilling experience. You live in the scene with the character.

Bottom Line

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has revived the entertainment sector of the residents. This was the goal of Roberto Santiago. The residents can finally take off some time off and have a good time.

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