Desiree Perez and Jay Z Team Up To Determine The Fate of Roc Nation

Business mogul, Desiree Perez, and rap legend Jay Z currently hold the fate of Roc Nation in their hands as they work together to determine what’s next for the well known entertainment label, Roc Nation. With Jay-Z’s 10-year contract with Live Nation pending expiration date in 2018, the duo must decide whether to sell his stake to another major label, or whether Jay Z will buy Roc Nation outright.

In 2008, Jay-Z was offered a $150 million “360 deal” with Live Nation to cover his next three albums as well as his publishing rights and other assets in exchange for the formation of Roc Nation. While Live Nation and Jay Z wish to continue their lucrative relationship and establish a new long-term deal, Live Nation no longer looks to buy artists’ rights or recorded music; thus killing any hope of a new “360 deal”. This leaves Jay-Z in a very unique position: buying Roc Nation outright or selling his stake to someone else; this is where Desiree Perez comes in.

Desiree Perez has been quietly running the show at Roc Nation serving the Chief Operating Officer since 2009. Not only does she head management, labeling operations, and publishing deals, but Desiree Perez played a major role in acquiring Rihanna’s $25 million sponsorship with Samsung. As one of Jay-Z’s most trust advisors, Desiree has been working with Jay to determine the next steps for Rock Nation. Most recently the duo was spotted meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge, the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group, sparking speculation about a possible deal where UMG would acquire Jay-Z’s stake.

UMG already has an established distribution deal with Roc Nation, however, acquiring Jay-Z’s stake would offer them a much larger stake of Roc Nation artists like Rihanna.

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