How Whitney Wolfe Survived in a Male Dominated Tech Industry

Whitney Wolfe is a committed young woman who has been recognized for her great contributions on the apps development sectors. She has been on the frontline making sure that she achieves in life. Infact she is a very big name in the apps development sector in the world. She is known to be a great person in the industry and has been on the frontline working towards ensuring there is progress in the industry. She has been loved by many people because of her great contributions. As an apps developer, she happens to have achieved greatly in the sector of development and have always dedicated her life towards succeeding in life.

Whitney Wolfe is the active founder of the famous Bumble which is among the top four dating apps in the whole world. Her mission in life is to ensure that she promotes success in her career. She has been able to fit so well in this career that has been dominated by men and has never given up on his mission. Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in year 2014 together with the Badoo founder Andrew Andey who happens to have a lot of experience in the apps development industry. They have since then launched so many verticals like Bumble BFF which is a great platform that helps identifying new friends. The app has been able to get more than 20 million subscribers so far and the list keeps on growing every day. Her fame has continued to rise because of these innovative contributions.

Whitney Wolfe before joining the famous Bumble, used to work at Tinder. She is among the three people who helped in the establishment of Tinder app which she is believed to have contributed big time towards its development. She was a very active co-founder of the company and one of her main roles is coming up with a selling name. She was the person behind the great Tinder, a name that has changed the app towards becoming the leading in the industry. She was also in charge of the marketing of the company and was able to introduce so many people sign up with the winning platform. She started by introducing it to all the students in the country and have always worked with passion towards its progress. She later left the company because of some challenges she faced in the industry and was refunded her shares back which she used towards establishing the famous Bumble app.

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