Rocketship Education Sets The Pace For Education The Productive Way

Rocketship Education is a system that locates in economically distress areas where there is little to no quality education. Quality education must be identified and adhered to by the entire community, as it is the community who will ultimately benefit. Parents, teachers, students and the community at large all have a stake in the eventual outcome of the education results.

At Rocketship the whole child is educated and the emphasis is not just placed on scholastic endeavors alone. The core values of empathy, persistence, respect, responsibility along with social values are taught so students will be able to function at all levels during and when they are finished with school.

As opposed to the traditional approach to education where all the children within certain zip codes are transported to school and they sit through 4 or 5 hours of what amounts to lectures where they are supposed to remember the content for tests at the end of the term. That technique is unexciting for students and teachers at best.

At Rocketship education, there are some general sessions which would resemble traditional classrooms, but then the students are divided into small groups that fit the subject matter at hand. In the small group setting students can probe more deeply into the specific subject and ask questions. They have individual projects and quests that they can participate in as well.

Digital learning comes into play with Rocketship Education because this is a good way for students to tackle fact gathering sequences. Subjects like math, social studies, English, languages, and other similar subjects fit in perfectly with digital learning. The devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets are already being used by many of the students to digital learning is a natural way for students to pick up facts at their own pace.

The entire Rocketship package is one of cooperation between all of the stakeholders who are involved. Parents, teachers, students and leaders in the community all have a lot to gain from a top quality education that results from the Rocketship program. The proof is in the results as the average Rocketship student acquires enough credits to graduate from high school a full year ahead of comparable students from the public school sector.


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