George Soros Gives Wealth, Commitment and Philosophical Outlook to Serve Others

There are several reasons billionaire investor George Soros has become popular over the last four decades. With the exception of a few of those reasons, they’re extremely positive and exemplary. The few other reasons are simply mistaken. George Soros is as giving of his wealth as he is about giving his opinion which is saying a lot. He takes a stand on many issues that isn’t nearly as popular as his extraordinary and selfless service through the philanthropic efforts that benefit thousands around the entire world. It’s easy for those in the non-philanthropic arena to not understand the worldly intentions of George’s actions when they’re only looking at dollar signs.

Accountability and Sharing Wealth through Commitment Endowment

This year, George decided to contribute 78 percent of his $23 billion wealth to Open Societies Foundations. The foundation will receive an $18 billion endowment fund that will be used to continue its efforts to a global society-at large. George founded Open Society Foundations in 1979. The foundation is now world-renown for the help that it gives by providing money for humanitarian efforts and community infrastructure expenditures. The foundation has provided assistance to support the development of tribunals through the international community in order to hold government entities and officials accountable. Open Society Foundations has provided over $32 billion in assistance.

Contributions Supporting Political Changes Give a Voice

George is a person who believes in standing up for those who are in need of a voice. As a global change-maker, he uses his voice to bring conversions to society, and he’s never hesitant to give an opinion. His support of politics has been widely known. George has given millions of dollars to political campaigns over the years- mostly dedicated to the Democratic Party. He supported former President Barrack Obama with a one million donation through Priorities USA Action during his re-election term. He also supported democratic candidate Hillary Clinton through the same organization in 2016. George’s donations to support the nominee totaled more than $5 million.

Human Rights Champion of Diverse Groups to Unite

George has been a champion of rights within the LGBTQ community, Black Lives Matter, civil rights advocacy groups, religious groups, and call-to-action and grass roots efforts organizations. George has facilitated over $650 million earmarked to go to organizations that serve a purpose for the elevation social justice, equal protection under the law and bring awareness to communities and government in order to bring them together. George is not only a philanthropic billionaire, but he is also somewhat of a philosopher. He continually speaks about the never-changing differences of people that can be the common denominator to bring them together.

The facts of George’s actions far exceed any falsehoods and inaccurate perceptions. In short- because, of right-wing political groups and a conservative movement across the country, the mis-characterization is more of a safe false-narrative that only appears to be proven otherwise by the changed lives through the wealth-sharing of George Soros.

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