Securus Technologies, Making Connections More Accessible and Affordable Via Technology

Being an industry leader, Securus Technologies is expected to fulfill many roles and obligations. The company serves over 1.2 million inmates and thousands of agencies, both within the corrections industry and other industries as well. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and has over 30 years of experience. Securus is most known for its telecommunications services, such as telephone service, video visitation, internal and external monitoring of inmates, and several others. To stay ahead of the technological curve, it’s acquired numerous other companies over the years.


The most recent most recent acquisition of GovPayNet has made big news. As the leading provider of government payment solutions, GovPayNet will help Securus Technologies implement more services at a lower cost to everyone. The types of transactions GovPayNet handles includes, probation and home monitoring, court costs, traffic citations, restitution fees and many more. Adding fluidity to the process, Securus Technologies will benefit from being able to jump one less hurdle to bring the technology forward at a reduced cost. JPay was a similarly beneficial acquisition, which has already proven itself to be an intelligent move. Since this acquisition, wireless containment systems have been implemented in many facilities. This is especially beneficial, as this technology reduces the number of contraband cell phones being used illegally.


Aside from new technology, Securus has also made a great impression on its consumers. Having an incredibly high customer satisfaction rating, the company continues to strive for excellence. Securus Technologies has also been given a grade of “A+” recently, which is a huge accomplishment for any business, especially one with so many customers. In the coming years, Securus Technologies plans to continue innovating technology to make the correctional process more safe and secure. Connecting inmates with their loved ones will continue to be a top priority, and new advances will make it even more affordable and accessible than ever before.


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