Bob Reina Launches New Computer Program with WebRTC Technology

Talk Fusion recently launched an enhanced version of Live Meetings. The new computer program is capable of facilitating chic real-time interactions. It features the WebRTC system and an enhanced user interface. The announcement was made by the founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina via an online broadcast.



Capabilities and Key Enhancements



Live Meetings facilitates people to embrace video-based conferences and broadcast one-way videos. It offers a seamless and convenient way of holding meetings as it can support 15 hosts at maximum and about 500 participants. Guests can connect via their tablets, PCs or smart phones. It uses a recording technology that does not necessitate a split download. It is easily accessible from users’ web browsers thus it enhances convenience, saves time and improves compatibility. Users do not have to install the Adobe Flash Player or any plug-in software. Talk Fusion is staying ahead of its competitors through assumption of sophisticated modern technologies. It has embraced WebRTC and remains competitive through its adoption of fresh promotional methods as a way of attracting new Video Suite and Live Meetings users.



Bob Reina’s Thoughts on the New Edition



Bob Reina stated that there was no comparable technology or that could match up to the significance of WebRTC. He also reiterated his dedication to add an unparalleled system to the Talk Fusion software. WebRTC stands to benefit normal computer users and professionals in the marketing field as it assists people to communicate via voice on any modern browser. Talk Fusion’s chief technical officer showered praises on WebRTC noting how much it improves video and audio communication. The intelligent system that comes with WebRTC helps in improving efficiency by eliminating hassles according to Ryan Page, Talk Fusion’s CTO.



Other Advantages



WebRTC streamlines its setup process by avoiding plug-in downloads. Any delays witnessed during download, processing and installation do not in any way prevent first time users from joining their conferences in a timely manner. Talk Fusion has managed to become the only firm in its class to offer WebRTC-based meetings that can host 500 attendees or more.



About Bob Reina



Bob Reina went to college in the state of Florida and worked as a police officer. He earned an extra income through commissions after selling products. He resigned from the police service and concentrated on network marketing.




Reina developed the idea of Talk Fusion back in 2004. He collaborated with Jonathan Chen to develop Video Email, its initial product. He continues to develop new marketing strategies and software. He also engages in a number of philanthropic activities and supports Humane Society (Tampa Bay) and an orphanage based in Indonesia. Learn more:


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