The Philanthropy Work Facilitated By George Soros

In October 2017, George Soros, who is a billionaire, a philanthropist with an hedge fund donated fourteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation, which brings his total contributions to the society to $32 billion. George Soros started the Open Society Foundation in 1979 with the intention of using it to advocate for justice and advance grants to other organisations, which advocate for human rights causes. In its near four decades of existence, the foundation expenditure totals to about $14 billion. This generous contribution makes the foundation the second largest charity organisations in the world, after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

George Soros is an investor, and he has experienced phenomenal success in his investments, something he says has made him bold and fearless in his human rights efforts because he cannot be manipulated by political forces. In fact, he says that his wealth makes him even the more vocal because those who are being oppressed are usually the poor people, and they cannot speak, and therefore, he must become their mouthpiece.

A known Democrat supporter, George Soros was one of the largest donors on the campaign for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This was one of his most politically close funding as most of his other funding is done to organisations. His Open Society Foundation has been promoting human rights and democracy in more than 120 countries, though in the recent past its attention has been within the United States where it has advocated for the rights of LGBT as well as protest against civilian abuses by the police.

The foundation has funded causes such as in 2014 when they supported centres that provided treatment to Ebola victims when the disease broke out. After the US election, he also gave $10 million in the fight against hate crimes that were evidenced in the aftermath of the vote. The election, the 87-year-old said, had awoken dark forces and something needed to be done to fight these forces. This funding was his contribution to ensuring that the people of America were safe.

As a result of the donations that he makes through his foundation, George Soros has been criticised by those who question his intention in his funding. He has even been accused of introducing or forcing foreign policies through his funds, for example, when he was accused of attempting to make the Republic of Ireland a “pro-abortion country.” He is, however, not deterred but rather insists that with the election of Donald Trump, the actions of his organisation have become even more urgent.

His need for a society that is open and one where oppression is smoked out are likely to be influenced by his upbringing. He grew up in Budapest, Hungary when Hungary was controlled by the Nazis and under the Communist Rule. He, therefore, understands what it means to have one’s rights undermined and the freedoms taken away. He later left for London in 1947 and would later move on to the United States where he ventured into Wall Street and had a lot of success there. His gamble with the British pound in 1992 paid off, and he made $1 billion in profit, earning him the moniker “the man who broke the bank of England.”

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