Dr. Rod Rohrich Will Be Participating In Three Very Important Conferences Early In 2018

Dr Rod Rohrich is a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center and a plastic surgeon who is based in Dallas, Texas. He has been called one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States and is also recognized on an international level. Early in 2018, he will be attending a trio of conferences where he will play a vital role in their success. The first conference he will attend will be held from February 8th through the 10th and is called the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. This symposium has been going on since 1967, and it features technical advances in the field of cosmetic surgery as well as the changing landscape of interest in it. There will be lectures given at the symposium by varied plastic surgeons from all over the world, and there will be live surgeries where participants will be able to watch as they take place. Dr. Rohrich will moderate two of the lectures taking place at the symposium and will also be a part of a panel discussion and a lecture.

On Februrary 28th through March 1st, Dr. Rod Rohrich will attend the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. This Cosmetic Medicine Meeting will feature cutting edge topics, such as, IPL, lasers, noninvasive removal of fat, vaginal rejuvenation, modern innovations in skin care, skin tightening, dermal fillers, and a lot more. Some of the most recent techniques and innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery will be showcased, and there will be a fresh cadaver lab that will allow participants to directly learn about some of the latest tech and changes in cosmetic medicine.After attending the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery meetup, Dr. Rod Rohrich is expected to be in attendance at the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which takes place from March 2nd through March 3rd.

Global leaders in Rhinoplasty will gather at this meeting, and some of the speakers will cover topics like how to diagnose ordinary and unusual rhinoplasty issues, nasal anatomy, how the nose is analyzed, and how to put together operative plans for the spread of different rhinoplasty deformities that can occur. Dr. Rohrich will not only be the chair and the organizer, but he is also expected to take an active role in these meetings. Dr. Rod Rohrich earned his undergraduate degree at North Dakota State University and his postgraduate degree at the University of North Dakota. He went on to receive his medical degree with high honors while studying at Baylor University College of Medicine. While attending the University of Michigan Medical Center, he finished up his plastic surgery and general surgery residencies. Dr. Rohrich is now a President of the Association of Academic Chiarmen of Plastic Surgery and is considered one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in this day and age.


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